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Recent Releases

Millet Song

हम थे, रहेंगे . . . 

Beautifully created and visualised song about millets. 

Heartfelt rendition describing the origins, resilience, diversity and socio-cultural presence of millets and their relevance for farms, farmers, families and future. 


a lockdown creation 

While Homed India stayed safe indoors during the lockdown, the migrants’ India walked, cycled & struggled to reach home. Overwhelmed with emotions of anger and sadness, these lines began to flow . . . 
अपनी आँखों के बुझते चिराग़ों से वो
सबकी साँसों की शमा जलाते रहे . . .

Jugni Baani

#delhi border

Jugni is a Punjabi folk character – a traveller, observer and narrator; she can be spiritual, philosophical, romantic and rebellious. Inspired by the farmers’ movement, Jugni visits Delhi Border and shares her observations through Jugni Baani. 

Zer Nathi Aapvu


The resolve of an organic farmer to not to poison her/his farm, humans and nature. Inspired by the deep love for mother nature, commitment and the struggles of the organic farmers. 

Written for the organic farming campaign of Gujarat. Let us make our food chain and this planet poison free.

About Us

Unique tri-lingual team of two dreamers & singer-songwriters – Charul & Vinay, who create and sing songs of hope, songs of life, based on their field experiences. 

What We Do

Weave dreams & reality into songs.


Zindagi Ke Geet

Songs inspired by the dreams and struggles of ‘ordinary’ people and their ‘extraordinary’ lives.


Geet Shala

Workshops to learn to write your own songs, to play dafli and learn to sing and perform for social education and reflection. 


Geet Yatra

Yatra to share song and stories from Invisible India with students, youth groups and others. 

We Sing

Collective singing for collective dreams. 


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