An Appeal

For a collective dream & journey

Dear friend,


We sing for a dream and create for a cause.

We do not sell, we share our music. 

We are a non-grant, non-funded effort.

Despite severe resource constraints, we have decided to keep our music freely available.

The only way to continue to make more music and share it for free is through the support of friends like you. 

Contribute generously. Become part of this journey !!

Peace Regards, Charul – Vinay

You can also 


You can also support our work beyond monetary contributions. 

You can . . .

– Buy us some studio time for recording. 
– Support a song production.
– Support our travel for the song fieldwork.
– Share our work with your family and friends.

For all inquiries related to non-monetary contributions,
please call or write to us at

+91 98250 48830

Loknaad Foundation is a registered non profit. All donations are exempt under section 80-G of the Indian Income Tax Act.

If you want to donate through cheque, demand draft or online transfer get in touch with us. 

+91 98250 48830