We travel, meet & listen to people. We create songs to share their stories & dreams.

Sharing some with you !!

Zindagi Ke Geet

Songs of Life – Our Song Gallery

Jugni Baani

Jugni's observations, inspired by the farmers' protest at Delhi border.


Senior citizens' dreams and demand for dignified ageing.

Zer Nathi Aapvu

Organic farming song sharing the resolve of an organic farmer.

Chaudah November

Heartrending question by a starving street child.

Kitthe Gaiyyan

Dreams & reality of a child labour searching her vacation.


Our freedom, our dreams. What Aazadi was meant for.

Haathon Ko Kaam

History of our hands and some questions around their state.

Baarish Ki Boondein

Dream and demand for dignified ageing.

Zero BHK Bunglaow

Moving description of a salt maker's home in the Little Rann of Kutch.

Janane Ka Haq

An ordinary citizen's question to democracy. RTI Anthem.

Beta Jaldi Ghar Aana

Never ending hope of the mother of a disappeared son.

Sanjhi Virasat

Story and state of our shared, syncretic heritage.

Hum Log - We the People

Spirit of the preamble from people's perspective.



Aazadi: We the People

Our Dreams, Our Journey

Inspired by our field work and campaigns across the country. 

First of its kind, this trilingual musical album is a humble reminder to the dreams woven in the preamble of our constitution. 

Insaan Hain Hum

Lakiron Se Banti Insaaniyat Ke Naam

For the spirit of peace seeking humanity. 

Moved by the growing hate and violence, we wrote songs based on the real incidents within and across the borders.