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Studies that Inspired Songs

Sowing with Songs

Farm songs from the hills and forests of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh - 2022

Let it be Banni

Understanding and Sustaining Pastoral LIvelihoods of Banni, Kutch - 2011

Yet to be Freed

Salt makers' Lives and Struggle for Survival in the Little Rann of Kutch - 2008

Mangroves & Maldharis

Understanding Coastal Pastoralists Dependence on Mangrove - 2005

Invisible People

Life and Times of Pastoralists of Gujarat - 2004

After the Cyclone

A fact finding paper about the cyclone in Kutch - 1998

Towards Sustainable Farming

Comparative Economics of Organic Crops in Kutch - 2002

Virdas to Waterpipes

Past & Present of Drinking Water Scarcity in Rural Kutch - 1996

Our Teachers, Our Inspiration

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